We have thrown zillions and zillions of events, from restaurant openings, to corporate retreats, to creating Town Hall's famed Mardi Gras party. I have single-handedly written checks for charities' largest annual contributions, due to event income and success.

Are you looking for a BIG IDEA to throw a party?
We've got you covered.

Here are some of my favorites:

Cabernet for Connoisseurs - The reason this promotion will always warm my heart is two-fold. First, it became the biggest income generator for Family House and remains their number one fundraiser. Second, we expanded it one year by putting the Rumpus restaurant owner in a cab and had a pre-party called "Cabs on Cue." That same year, in fact that same night, the restaurant burnt down. Two fire engines. All the sprinklers. All at midnight. From midnight until 4am I worked to re-route the event to another restaurant so none of the guests were the least bit effected. They arrived at the burnt down restaurant and were taken by motorized cable car to the new restaurant where $120,000 was raised in a live auction of only 13 lots. Pretty impressive for 1996.

Working with Paul Madonna - Once and a while I discover someone that no one knows yet, or a see a talent I'm certain will experience meteoric rise. So was the case with fabulous cartoonist Paul Madonna. When I met Paul he was penning his "All Over Coffee" column for the Pink Pages and was thought of as esoteric and arty. When I took my children to meet him at the Cartoon Museum to sign books, we were one of a few people there. I then hosted a showing of his works at Town Hall restaurant, and he made them an original cartoon. Many people who had never heard of him came and he sold lots of work. I did the same at Frisson, and the newspaper kindly advertised the event. From here Paul has written two coffee table books, Tacolicious has his art lining their walls and both restaurateurs and guests have profited from knowing and following the great Paul Madonna.

I'm also a cracker jack at sales promotion. From designing Miller Beer's Case of the Missing Case in 1982, to Cutty Sark's 2500-unit, Live a Cutty Above campaign, if you are looking for short term sales, executed in a creative manner, we can handle it.