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Armadillo Willy's
Armadillo Willy's came to us with a challenge. They had 8 stores that were starting to look tired and a complicated menu that slowed down the ordering line. The problem was they didn't know what to do first! We recommended an entire menu overhaul, eliminating about thirty percent of their offerings and going back to their core competency of great BBQ. We also created a new prototype store, with fresh colors of paint, a new menu board, better music and updated bathrooms. (Restaurateurs forget the power of the bathroom!) Results were staggering. Not one customer missed the missing menu items, sales increased marketedly, and the flow of business, not to mention the improved food cost, was incredibly well-received by the stores. Lastly, we wanted to let the guests know Armadillo Willy's was no chain. So we filmed the owners telling their story about their 25 year success.